Tank Capacity

4200 / 5100 l.

Boom Width

18 - 44 m.

Boom Types





Tank Capacity

4200 / 5100 l.

Boom Width

18 - 44 m.

Boom Types



All primary functions needed to operate the sprayer if not from cabin when filling or cleaning have easy access located in the centre of the WorkZone.

The logically placed FluidBox and the easy to read colour coded icons make the system very easy to understand and operate. This greatly reduces the start-up and operation time of the sprayer.

  • Easy and convenient
  • All functions grouped together
  • Colour coded for safety
  • Self-fill connections
  • Remote engine throttle and pump controls
  • 15 l CleanWater tank

A 180 l StorageLocker for chemical containers or bags are standard on the ALPHA evo.



To meet the requirements of bigger sprayers and to improve lifetime, HARDI offers the 464 pump. A reduction in pressure drop has been avoided by improving the flow in the diaphragm tops. To easy service, we have integrated lifting hooks while moving two greasing points to the front, to easy lubrication of the front and the rear of the pump. The casted conrod support ring has also been redesigned for improved mechanical life time. The most visible change is the new covers designed to protect the pump from mud and water getting into the system.

  • Self-priming
  • Able to run dry without damage
  • Easy to service
  • Grease-lubricated crankcase

EasyClean filter

The EasyClean filter is a high capacity suction filter. The condition of the filter can be constantly monitored via a SafeSpray vacuum gauge.

This ensures that the filter is cleaned when needed and only when needed. When cleaning the filter, all you have to do is to twist the lid 90°. This will close a main tank valve in the bottom of the filter and open the filter for inspection.



The HARDI CycloneFilter is a unique self-cleaning pressure filter that uses a high-speed cyclone for additional cleaning action. The cyclone action increases the cleaning capacity of the filter significantly.

In addition, the CycloneFilter has a unique boost function allowing the filter to be flushed when needed.

Unique cyclone action greatly improves the self-cleaning action
The cyclone created inside the filter increases the speed of the liquid against the filter screen, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the self-cleaning action.

Filter is fitted in an upright position
The filter is fitted in such a position that spill can be avoided when inspecting the filter. This ensures fewer stops and reduced pressure loss in the liquid system. 


DynamicFluid4 liquid system

Dynamic fluid system based on 4-sensor technology
The fluid system on the ALPHA evo is a new concept developed to obtain shorter response time and thereby more precise application in the field.

New powerful engines on the ALPHA evo and the hydrostatic transmission have given new driving patterns with more variance in the speed and faster acceleration, factors which together with the GPS controlled section control is challenging for the performance of the liquid system. In a traditional fluid system the regulation is made on feedback from what is already “historical” data. For example the RPM is increased, and shortly after the flow will be too high at the nozzle. When that is measured, the spray computer will regulate the pressure down again but in the meanwhile the application rate has been too high.

The DynamicFluid4 system will calculate the consequences of the increased RPM and make the regulation instantly. The DynamicFluid4 property of pro-acting is based on 4 sensors in the fluid system measuring RPM, position of regulation valves, flow and pressure. Together with new software and new unique ceramic regulation valve, DynamicFluid4 is offering precision in the application rate giving the best performance available on the market.


Main tank / RinseTank

Very low centre of gravity
The tank has a low profile and a deep sump ensuring a low centre of gravity. The position of the tank is between the axle so the weight distribution is not much influenced by the filling level.

Efficient agitation
Because of the tank design, agitation towards the sump is very effective.

Very deep central tank sump
The sprayer is completely emptied even on slopes up to 10 degrees – uphill or downhill.

Easy to rinse inside with tank rinsing nozzles
100% of the tank can be “seen” by the rinsing nozzles. No sharp corners prevents sedimentation of pesticide.

Easy to clean outside
The smooth surface of the tank makes the machine very easy to clean.

The RinseTank is integrated in the main tank and has a capacity of 410 l (3500/4100) or 600 l (5100) providing adequate liquid for both inside and outside cleaning. The RinseTank can easily be filled from the platform and from the soil.



The HARDI TurboFiller is developed to handle large quantities of powders and liquids. Its high capacity is achieved through a combination of high vacuum and liquid rotation produced by a TurboDeflector inside the hopper.

High mixing capacity
Liquid at high pressure is being used to create a powerful rotation of the liquid inside the hopper. This movement gives the effect that every powder or liquid chemicals are mixed before they are sucked into the sprayer. The highest capacity is achieved when the TurboFiller is more than half-filled with water.

Optimum filling height
A spring-loaded bracket with transport lock makes it easy to change from field to filling position. The filling position is approx 95 cm from the ground.