Tank Capacity

4200 / 5100 l.

Boom Width

18 - 44 m.

Boom Types





Tank Capacity

4200 / 5100 l.

Boom Width

18 - 44 m.

Boom Types


Intelligent capacity

This self-propelled sprayer is optimised for capacity and advanced performance at an affordable price. A range of intelligent features and equipment, such as automatic height control, track width adjustment and floating suspension, guarantees application precision and speed. Everything is controlled from the comfort of the EvoCab.

With its state-of-the-art interior, superior visibility and simple operator interface, the cab is designed with comfort, productivity and safety in mind. From the cab’s excellent air quality to the lower-than-average consumption of both fuel and chemicals, we commit to protecting the farmer and the environment.


The EvoCab

The EvoCab is designed with performance and driver comfort and safety in mind
A combination of advanced ergonomics, visibility and optimisation (EVO) ensures superior operator comfort, productivity and safety. The EvoCab demonstrates HARDI’s commitment to providing an ideal environment for operators.

HARDI’s main focus in developing the state-of-the-art EvoCab has been ergonomics. All features of the spacious cab – from the comfortable seat to the operator-friendly SprayCenter controller – are designed for maximum operator comfort.

The unique 3-pillar cab design ensures excellent visibility. Tinted safety glass all around, even at the rear of the cab, provides the operator with more than 320° unobstructed panoramic overview of operations, including clear lines of sight to the boom.

The spacious EvoCab is optimised for both comfort and safety. Equipped with an oversized automatic climate control suitable for extreme weather conditions, the cab provides a pleasant, quiet and stress-free work environment.


Control centre

Integrated intelligence
The ALPHA evo offers a wide array of customisable functions for optimum spray performance and precision.

The ALPHA evo is one of the most versatile high-capacity self-propelled sprayer on the market.

The SprayCenter combines a fingertip-controlled multifunction joystick with an HC 9600 12.1” or HC 9700 13” touch-screen controller. By integrating all important information on one screen – with split-screen mode allowing for simultaneous viewing of different aspects of spraying or other concurrent operations – the operator is ensured a complete overview at all times.

Intelligent spray application
Excess usage of chemicals is reduced with the GPS-controlled AutoSectionControl as a supplement to the manual guidance system. AutoSectionControl opens and closes boom sections automatically to avoid spraying headlands or other areas more than once. Not only is this of benefit to the farmer and his economy, but also to the environment.

ISOBUS compatibility
The HC 9600 and HC 9700 are fully ISOBUS compatible.


Adjustable on-the-go

From 180-280 and 220-320 cm
The ALPHA evo offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to adjustment of track width. Changing between different tramlines, crops, fields or roads has never been easier with the hydraulic adjustment of track width (depending on tyre dimensions):

  • Version S 180 to 280 cm
  • Version M 220 to 320 cm

With up to 1 m between minimum and maximum, the ALPHA evo is one of the most adaptable sprayers on the market.

Hydraulic track width adjustment on-the-go is available on ALPHA evo EcoDrive with FloatRide.


Freedom of movement

The ALPHA evo has been designed with an effective weight distribution between front and rear axles, with slightly more weight on the front (59% on front with a TWIN FORCE 30 m boom) to strike a perfect balance between driveability and minimal compaction.

Precision steering
The ALPHA evo is equipped with permanent 4-wheel drive. Steering modes include 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab steering for high manoeuvrability, even on sloping terrain, in wet conditions or to protect sensitive soils. Transitions between steering modes are easily managed from the cabin. Re-alignment of the rear wheels is automatic. A lock is activated for road travel. On top of this, the ALPHA evo is designed for a very small turning radius, of down to 4.62 m for 4200 and 5.56 m for 5100.

For an even higher precision and comfort, the ALPHA evo offer the optional AutoSteering. By using GPS signal, all straight driving is managed by the AutoSteering system.


Large capacity

For all your spray tasks
Despite being light, the ALPHA evo offers some of the biggest tank systems on the market (4200 and 5100 l). By optimising the ALPHA evo’s weight distribution, we have designed a sprayer with an excellent output capacity per weight unit. Less time needed to refill the tank means higher productivity, without having to compromise on performance, even in wet or otherwise challenging field conditions. The fact is that the ALPHA evo is a self-propelled sprayer for all your spray tasks.


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Tank, l42005100
Pumps, type - l/min464/10: 280(540) - 464/12: 334 (540)464/10: 280 (540) - 464/12: 334 (540)
Engine Deitz 6 cyl. 217 hp / 160 kW (Stage IV / Tier 4f / Tier 3a) depending on country regulationBasis
Engine Deitz 6 cyl. 245 hp / 180 kW (Stage IV / Tier 4f) depending on country regulationOptionalBasis
Hydrostatic 4-wheel transmission (29 or 40 kph)EcoDrive BasisEcoDrive Basis
Coil spring suspensionBasis
Pneumatic suspension FloatRideOptionalBasis
Steering4-wheels steering4-wheels steering
Mechanical track adjustment, cmBasis, 40 cm slidding rangeBasis, 40 cm slidding range
Hydraulic Track Adjustment (HTA) - electronic control 1.80 to 2.80 m (only with FloatRide)OptionalOptional
Turning radius 200 cm track width (middle of chassis), cm462530
Weight (basis machine, empty)*, kg9.47011.600
Weight, front axle, basis machine in transport (empty)*, kg5.4906.900
Weight , rear axle, basis machine in transport (empty)*, kg3.9804.700
Total length*, m9.510.23
Total height*; cm390390
Width with ALU boom (24-44 m), m2.552.55
Width with TWIN FORCE (24 to 30 m), m3.003.00
Width with TWIN FORCE (32 to 36 m), m3.343.34
Track width manual slidding axle** (380/90 R46), cm182 - 329182 - 329
Track width HTA axle** (380/90 R46), cm180 to 280180 to 280
Wheel base, cm370430
Clearance (380/90 R46), cm120125
RinseTank, l410600
Fuel tank, l320400
Filling capacity water, l/min490490
Filling capacity TurboFiller, l/min120120

* Dimension and weight are given for ALPHA evo 36 m TWIN FORCE boom - 380/90 R46 tyres and chassis clearance 120 cm
** Minimum track width is wider with wider tyres (depending on axle type)

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