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More output and more spraying days with TWIN


All spraying is guided by a privately employed agronomist

Charlie Edgley has set-up a local specialist group together with 24 other farms in the neighbourhood, meeting 2-3 times a year where all in-and output figures from each farm are put on the table in order to make a common analysis. 

"This gives all of us a better platform of making decisions for the next season. A privately employed agronomist is planning the spray jobs for most of us. All spray jobs exactly follow the guidelines from our agronomist. We are a big operation, and therefore our sprayer is also prepared for night work if needed."

"The COMMANDER is the best sprayer on the market"
"When I first saw the sprayer at Cereals, I just looked at the way the drawbar and the SafeTrack system were constructed. 
Also small details such as a litre measurement scale within the ChemFiller help me in my daily work when filling, getting the right dosage. 

As mentioned before, we have many hilly and difficult fields which to some extent can set my nerves on edge. The AutoHeight boom levelling system does the job and follows the crops as we want. 
We have dismounted the boom protection wheel, because it will not touch the ground whilst using the AutoHeight.

“The AutoWash just does the job for me. It saves me time, and it is easy to operate” Charlie Edgley

It is a great feature and saves a lot of energy – we spray up to 5,000 ha per season, and we would be worn out if we should do all the spray jobs with one sprayer without having this feature."

"Coming back to the SafeTrack system, there is less off-set at hills. In general the sprayer feels safe and has a good stability. I would say the tractor and the COMMANDER have a much lower centre of gravity than a self-propelled sprayer, which is essential for us". 

Don’t need to leave the tractor cabin – AutoWash does the job 
"After 12-14 hours of spraying, I feel tired. At that point, it is great not having to leave the cabin to carry out a multi-step cleaning of the sprayer. 

The AutoWash just does the job for me. It saves me time, and it is easy to operate". 

On our way out of the door, Charlie says that service support is second to none, and is an important consideration for the sprayer. 
He praises the service support given by HARDI Limited for their excellent service backup.