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TurboFiller is the best filler I ever seen

RANGER 2500 l - VPZ 21 m

Agile and able to carry a heavy load
“With so many types of crops and almost 2000 animals to tend, I do not want to spend more time than necessary on spraying”, says Christophe Brunet. The ability of the RANGER to carry as much as 2500 litres while still maintaining the compact characteristics of the HARDI MASTER means that I save a lot of time in preparation and transportation to and from the fields. My brother and I therefore never hesitated and hurried to acquire the first ever RANGER in France.

TurboFiller – the best I’ve seen
What really blew me away though was the TurboFiller. It used to be quite an ordeal to prepare all the different products and powders. Not so with the TurboFiller. It is quite frankly the best I have seen. With just 3 simple buttons – Nozzle rinsing, Agitation and Aspiration – it is so easy to use and it works perfectly with all the products I have on my farm. “And when it comes to cleaning, I am a bit manic” Christophe admits, so I am thrilled with the 1 metre hole and cleaning pistol. It means I can thoroughly clean the RANGER inside and outside in a jiffy.

No slipping or sliding
The chassis of RANGER is just 5.25 metres and there is no risk of drifting even in rugged terrain. It really behaves well in the field. Even when things do get rough, the boom protects the nozzles. It is really an ingenious design. I cannot even count the number of Injector Air Nozzles I have broken with my old sprayer. So far I have not lost a single one with my RANGER, and I believe it is because everything is integrated so well inside the boom structure and the fact that the MINIDRIFT nozzle is shorter and works with low pressure.

So much time saved
All in all spraying is now much less time consuming. The RANGER is so easy to use, and we can now focus our time and efforts on doing what we like most; growing high quality crops and animals.