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NAVIGATOR keeps us going

NAVIGATOR 3000 l - 24 m boom

HARDI Newsletter was last month visiting the Czech Republic to have a look at farming in a country known for its huge hilly fields. After visiting three different ALPHA evo customers we went to see Mr. Lapcik, a NAVIGATOR owner who was very busy taking care of his 800 hectares.

Back in 1988 Mr. Lapcik bought the very first HARDI sprayer in the Czech Republic. “We have always been using HARDI sprayers on this farm" says Mr. Lapcik. "Today we are driving a NAVIGATOR 24 m with a 3.000 l tank and are very pleased with it. It is really reliable and makes sure we get the spray job done in time.

“It is really reliable and makes sure we get the spray job done in time” Mr. Lapcik

Four people are working in the field to make sure that the sprayer can run with as few breaks as possible.  "Therefore, we have both chemicals and water with us on two trucks."  The temperature is mid-twenties when we step out of the car to have a look at the NAVIGATOR.

The NAVIGATOR makes a quick stop for a refill. "The ChemFiller is a great advantage for us, it makes the filling job a lot easier. Together with the SmartValves it makes the machine very user friendly and with its great performance, we are actually able to spray at least 130 hectares per day."