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Mr. Zbigniew – a professional farming contractor


First NAVIGATOR with AutoSelect in Poland
The machine is the first to be delivered in Poland with the HARDI AutoSelect system.

“With this feature, we are able to control the spray job completely from the cabin of the tractor. We can choose between two different nozzles automatically or manually when needed, such as for switching between fertilizer and our regular plant protection products,” Mr. Marchin explains.

It was a big decision when they decided to replace the old sprayer. “We looked at various brands at the different exhibitions in Poland, but ended up buying the HARDI sprayer for its performance and quality. We went to the factory in Denmark and saw for ourselves how the machines were made.”

DELTA FORCE was the main reason
“The DELTA FORCE boom was one of the main reasons why we chose the HARDI NAVIGATOR,” Mr Marchin continues. “It is very strong – and really stood out from the other booms on the market.”

The NAVIGATOR is the first machine on the farm to offer GPS precision systems. “The AutoSectionControl system for automatically switch on and off sections works great. The EGNOS system together with the HC 9600 touch display gives us great flexibility in the spray job.”

When considering the future of their business, Mr. Marchin adds: “We might consider going for a self-propelled sprayer next time, to meet the huge demand we see from our customers.”“On the fields we produce cereals, corn, rape and food for the animals. This year we will also start with beetroots,” Waldemar explains.

“Back in 2008 we bought a HARDI COMMANDER 3200 but replaced it last year with a NAVIGATOR 6000-litre sprayer with a 28 m boom. With this boom we are able to go up to 30 m, giving us much more flexibility. We used to use a system were the width of our machines could be multiplied with 6 m because of the 24 m width.”

“We save a lot of energy with this system; the boom is taking care of itself.” Waldemar Dobrowolski

Maximum precision and accurate tracking
“The NAVIGATOR is equipped with ISOBUS, which helps us a lot when connecting to different tractors with GPS and newer guidance systems. The AutoSectionControl helps by automatically turning on and off the sections as well as doing a great job in regulating the doses. The machine was also delivered with the IntelliTrack tracking system, which makes sure the sprayers’ wheels follow the tractor’s path extremely accurately. It is also a great help in the headlands,” Miłosz says.

When asked if the machine is used for fertilizers, Miłosz replies “We use the machine for RSM fertilizer, between 100 and 3000 l. Depending of the growth stage of the plants we use both hoses and nozzles for the job.”

The boom is taking care of itself
The machine is equipped with the AutoHeight two-sensor boom management system, to ensure a perfect boom level. “The area here is very flat, so the more advanced AutoTerrain system was not necessary for us. We save a lot of energy with this system; the boom is taking care of itself.”

When asked why the family chose a HARDI sprayer, the answer comes promptly: “We were very satisfied with our previous HARDI COMMANDER, it met all our expectations with intensive work for 10 seasons, spraying in many different conditions over more than 12,000 hectares.”

“We still use the COMMANDER because of its smaller size, and because we can mount it on a smaller tractor. We use it for crops where there is no space for a bigger machine. Also, in beetroot and corn crops, where the wheel space is important. We really trusted the quality of the machine.”

“As mentioned, we are using RSM, which is quite an aggressive liquid for metal parts, but after 10 seasons with the COMMANDER we have not seen any sign of corrosion. We had no problems with either the pump or its membranes – from either RSM or other chemicals. But the most important factor for us was the trust and the fact that service is easily accessible here.”

“The machine is spraying approximately 3-4,000 hectares a year depending on the amount of spraying required, which is typically 3 to 5 times a year for both the sprayers. We chose the bigger tank size partly because we acquired fields further away. Thanks to the 6000-litre tank, we only need to fill it once and that saves us a lot of time.”