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The Bradley's "Obvious Choice"

NAVIGATOR 4000 l – EAGLE 27 m

NAVIGATOR  Ranked a 10 on the Bradley farm
The Bradley family farms 1,400 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa near Dubuque, Iowa. The family farm is operated by brothers Brian and Jeff Bradley along with father Ron Bradley.  Brian handles the majority of the spraying on the farm and uses a HARDI model NAVIGATOR 4000 (1200 Gallons) equipped with a 90 foot EAGLE boom. The HARDI’s EVC electric controls are partnered with a John Deere GreenStar rate control and 2630 display with GPS offering automatic section control on the 90’ EAGLE boom.

The Bradley’s purchased their NAVIGATOR 4000 in 2009 after owning a HARDI NAVIGATOR 1000 M with a 60 foot EAGLE boom. When looking to purchase a new sprayer they were most interested in four features: reliability, dealer service, durability and the capability to use auto boom section shutoffs. The HARDI NAVIGATOR provided all of the features they were looking for in their next sprayer.  Roeder Implement of Dubuque, IA, is the dealer they trust to keep them running in the field and provide the dealer service they expect.  The benefits of the HARDI matched with the service knowledge of their dealer is why the Bradley family invested in the NAVIGATOR 4000.

“Precision application and high demands from their sprayer makes the HARDI NAVIGATOR – The Obvious Choice for the Bradley family farm.”

Brian says that the sprayer is one of the most important tools that they have on the farm. When asked to rate the importance of the sprayer on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most important) Brian gave the sprayer a 10!  The importance of the sprayer on the Bradley farm already has them planning on their future sprayer investment, another HARDI.  When purchasing the next sprayer they will still need key features such as GPS guidance and auto boom section control, but the added flexibility of DualFold booms will be needed.  The EAGLE boom with DualFold allows the operator to spray at 90’ and conveniently fold down to 60’ for tighter maneuvering spraying in smaller fields.

On the go during spray season, The Bradley’s average 8 miles of road travel between each field and spray 400 acres per day totaling 2,200 acres per year.   Precision application and high demands from their sprayer makes the HARDI NAVIGATOR – The Obvious Choice for the Bradley family farm.