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Nozzles perfectly protected by boom

HARDI MASTER Plus 1000 l – VPZ 21 m

Speed is key
"With a big farm and many animals time is in short supply. So my main requirement when choosing a new sprayer was the ability to spray fast and efficiently" says Jean-Michel. Looking at the Master Plus Range I found that the Quick Linkage, hydraulic Z-functions, filtering system, intuitive ChemFiller and the fact that the very low residuals fluid system ensured a completely empty tank, was very attractive and a good match for my needs.

Little space, little time
I basically have no time for getting stuck or driving a long way around obstacles. I therefore like the fact that my MASTER plus can pretty much squeeze through anywhere due to the very compact chassis and the maximum width of 2.55m. A real big advantage on my farm where roads are very narrow. The MASTER Plus is also very light. Only 900 kg with an empty tank! That means I can get back from the fields very fast.

“The HARDI MASTER plus is a simple, strong design that is very easy to understand and use.” Jean-Michel Riviere

Easy to use
I do not have to waste time consulting manuals. The HARDI MASTER plus is a simple, strong design that is very easy to understand and use. One look at the MANIFOLD valves and you pretty much know what to do. The same goes for the Regulation Box for the Sprayer and the Hydraulic Box for the Boom functions.

A boom in a class of its own
The design of the boom is really clever. It protects the nozzles, which means that I do not risk getting the nozzles clogged or even damaged should the boom hit the ground. All components are perfectly integrated – from the Body Nozzles to the Tubes.