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The wind blows, they work


For the past 12 years on woodland of Lutsk district, Volynska region in Lische village runs its business activity an agricultural enterprise "Lische." Head of the enterprise Karbovskiy Svyatoslav Evgenievich has been for a long time in agricultural business, since the times of collective farms in the villages — he used to work as the chairman of the collective farm. And later, after disintegration of the USSR, on the basis of industrial cooperation the landowner founded his own company on the cultivation of agricultural crops and engaged himself in cattle breeding.

As Svyatoslav Evgenievich told us, in the household they process 2,000 ha of land area, but in addition they have 2 400 heads of cattle - the highest density of livestock in the region, which no one has, and 1 100 pigs, so the crop growing is combined with livestock breeding. Therefore are grown the fodder as well as the grain groups. And this is 1 000 ha of grain: 650 ha of winter wheat and 350 ha of spring one, 150 ha of sugar beets, 200-250 ha of rape and corn.

Today the farm has three sprayers, but before there were only two. The appearance of the third one was indicated by the following need.

Since the company realizes fully complete protection for all, cereals as well as technical crops in accordance with the best European technologies of growing, there was a question in the qualitative processing just in the spring while sugar beet processing, when the weather is windy and there are droughts. Here, as they say, they were sizing, sizing and purchased HARDI COMMANDER TWIN in order to allow them to work when the wind blows. And they have achieved their goal - in this issue they are already fully protected.

- Because If the terms of cereals processing can be shifted or changed a little, for one or two days, on the beets if you oversleep, then everyone knows how it can be overgrown, - says based on his experience Svyatoslav Evgenievich. - And then you must to raise the consumption of chemicals. So we have purchased HARDI sprayer in order not to miss the optimal timing of crop processing.

“COMMANDER provides precision spraying...” Karbovskii Svyatoslav Evgenievich

With COMMANDER in the household are processed completely technical crops as well as cereals – slowly and qualitatively, in optimal time trying to do it all, sometimes even at night.

- At night, for processing there are special temperature regimes. But among other things, according to the modern technologies, when big dew falls, it’s also not good handled. This is not advised even by the chemical companies that sell chemicals, - explains the director.

Despite the small size, the agricultural enterprise "Lische" boasts of its yield.

-There is no such a big secret. Let's say that over the past year on the circle we had a bit more than 50 cwt. per 1 ha of rape, 78 cwt. per 1 ha of wheat, 70 cwt. barley gave, 134 cwt. per 1 ha of dry grain corn was on the circle, and sugar beet were 804 cwt. per hectare, - enumerates the head. - This is for one circle. But there were areas that gave 1090 cwt.

Such indicators management ascribes to farming technologies, including COMMANDER, after which the beets are clean and not a speck of dust is there.

Today, the company aims to extensive development, because all land around is already taken away. Third year COMMANDER is exploited in the farm. During this time it established itself as highly - productive, reliable and easy to operate sprayer, always ready for continuous operation under various conditions. With the advent of the HARDI sprayer the household managed to solve the problems with plant protection products applying in the windy weather. COMMANDER provides precision spraying of fungicidal and insecticidal groups of chemicals, especially fungicidal, when you need fully cover the beets.

Staff turnover in the organization is absent. Whatever happened, they try to keep any equipment or machine in same hands. If a person wants to leave, then you need to have other machinery also.

 - This sprayer is in one hand, - says the director. - We have given it and feel ourselves confident. And, of course, a lot depends on the driver. If he is normal person, he looks after the equipment, he certainly avoids boom bending and breaking, while other will be riding without looking and cling to the pole. In the spring there was a time when the mechanic was busy sowing beets, and we withstood these 2 days, did not allow anyone to ride on the sprayer.

There were at the meeting lots of compliments towards HARDI and its dealer in Ukraine LLC “Spektr - Agrotechnika”, because it is normal for regular dealer operations, to obtain feedback from people who work with its machinery.

- I want to throw you a compliment that you have shacked us up, - says the founder of the company. - It's one thing to want; another - you need to make it like the field is sharpening by mole! And especially I would say that you have a very good management. At the time when you connected to us, it was a second breathe for us. You were just in time.

So now the main thing for HARDI, taking into account the wishes of its customers, is to keep up the pace!