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Six sprayers


The area of arable land in our company is 12,000 hectares. We grow crops such as winter wheat, winter rape , corn, sunflower, soybean , etc.

In the past year we have almost completely renewed our agricultural machines and equipment and now we have 7 tractors and 4 combines- New Holland, tillage line- Vaderstad, 4 sowing complexes- Bourgault, 6 sprayers- HARDI Commander 7000 .

When selecting sprayers our management and professionals have taken a specific position - it must be HARDI because it is well known that it is a reliable, productive, low maintenance, and at the same time, a very professional machine; so we only needed to determine which model.

We chose a Commander with a tank size of 7000 liters and Terra Force boom with a width of 42 meters. Today, it is the widest boom available on HARDI sprayers.

This season, we had 3 Commanders, which were fantastic for spraying our crops. We sprayed ourcrops 3 times with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides. Also we sprayed with liquid fertilizers and just recently finished the desiccation of sunflowers.

“The COMMANDER 7000 sprayers fully met our expectations and coped with all tasks” Holod Yuri Ivanovich

The volume rate ranged from 70 to 150 L / ha, depending on the crops, with working speeds of 12 - 15 km / h. The capacity of each sprayer reached 570 hectares per day. Sprayers are not idle at all, but  just need time for filling the tank.

It is especially necessary to note the behavior of the boom. With such a wide size of 42 meters and at a speed of 15 km / h, the boom behaves very stable, excellent at keeping the correct height while spraying and on corners and headlands as well.

As the sprayer operators says, the tracking system Safe Track makes the sprayer very stable during tracking and maneuvering on the field, and it is convenient that the system is fully automatic. Working with these sprayers is easy and comfortable.

We are also very pleased with the quality and precision of plant coverage. There were no cases of over or under- consumption of the volume rate, and this is a substantial savings.

Next year we plan to increase the area of arable land and already bought 3 more Commanders in advance. We are confident that  six Commander 7000’s are fully capable of all our spraying needs next season.