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SafeTrack – trouble free and easy to operate

COMMANDER i 6600 – FORCE 30 m

HARDI for almost 30 years
“Reliability and robustness. Those are the main reasons why I have stuck with HARDI for so long. I bought my first HARDI sprayer back in 1983 and changed my COMMANDER 4200 to a COMMANDER i 6600 in 2007.

The superior equipment is one thing. Another is the advice and information the HARDI sales staff has given me. That really made a complex decision process a lot easier. I wanted The same thinking has governed my choice of tractors and other machinery. As a result, we have a high capacity, and HARDI, of course, had to fit that bill. And they did.

Full feature set
Our COMMANDER i 6600 l is pretty much equipped with everything on the list. It has a 2 m track width and a SafeTrack tracking, hydraulic suspended axle, a HC 6500 controller with joystick operation and PrimeFlow circulation with a flexible distribution valve set-up. 

We have also chosen the induction hopper and believe that it is an important feature on a modern sprayer. It must be reliable and safe in order for the operator to concentrate on filling in the correct chemicals in just the right doses.

We are a big operation, and therefore our sprayer is also prepared for night work if needed. 

“Reliability and robustness. Those are the main reasons why I have stuck with HARDI for so long.” Thönnes

Covering 16 km of winding roads is no picnic
Some of our fields are as much as 16 km away. The only way to get there is driving on small and winding roads. You cannot help sending a kind thought to the hydraulic axle and drawbar suspension as you drive through that type of terrain. The performance is excellent – even with a full tank. A real change compared to our old COMMANDER 4200, which had no suspension.

Even steep slopes do not matter
Our 70 fields are varied. Some of them are small and on steep slopes. You would definitely get in trouble without the SafeTrack system. It is so easy to operate, and the sprayer just follows right along in the tracks of the tractor, thus ensuring correct spraying even under those difficult conditions.

Spraying becomes technical
The COMMANDER is yet another great leap forward partly because of the electronic and hydraulic equipment as well as a high capacity liquid system and all the benefits that come along with that. However, it also induces new, technial questions – especially when you just acquired your new sprayer. Not a problem. In my experience the HARDI technical service is always able to answer quickly and correctly!”