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From Potatoes to Chips

COMMANDER 4400 i – TWIN 28 m

Technology is taking over
We have just put our feet on the ground when an excited Janusz Jóżwiak shows us around the main building. Here we see part of the newly installed solar system that will have to provide the 34 year old farm with hot water. Recently investment was also made in a new barn, among other machines housing a 9 months’ old COMMANDER 4400 i with a 28 m air assisted TWIN boom.  Janusz is growing potatoes on all the hectares he has at his disposal - today app. 250 hectares. 

"Our goal is to reach 300 hectares with potatoes, but since a lot of other farms are also interested in buying more land in this area, it is quite limited what I can get. But it does help that my farm if located only 70 kilometers from the potatoe chop plant that handles all our potatoes, and since they come here to pick them up, it saves us quite a lot of money."

“HARDI has a great dealer and service network which makes me feel secure in the spraying season” Janusz Jóżwiak

We are sitting in the kithcen, talking about the conditions for a Polish farmer, when Janusz shows us a small suitcase. "This weather station will be part of my future. I can measure wind directions and speed with a very high precision. With this information i can set-up and adjust my TWIN system precisely according to the situation in the field - one day a system like this will definitely be integrated into the sprayer." 

With this set-up, the farmer gets much more flexibility in the field and thereby more spraying days since he can work at still stronger winds and higher working speeds.

Comfort in the field
"The TWIN system was definitely the reason why I chose HARDI as the supplier for my next sprayer. I spent much time on investigating the market for a sprayer that was able to fulfil my needs, but I quickly found out that the COMMANDER had the quality I was looking for together with the precision TWIN is providing. Besides, HARDI has a great dealer and service network which makes me feel secure in the spraying season. On this farm we typically spray 15 times a year, so reliability and precision were the key words before the purchase".