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High capacity was the key word chosing TWIN


Easy operation and reliability makes the choice
The main reason for buying a New COMMANDER trailer was that this sprayer meets the technical demands. The sprayer will spray 8000 ha a year, so robustness and reliability had been important criterias. In the autumn the COMMANDER has sprayed 2750 ha.

The handling of the sprayer is easy, especially filling and mixing of plant protection products takes place quickly and safely. Also the cleaning of the sprayer is an important point, especially with so many different crops.

The EasyClean suction filter convinces Mr. Scherrer - even with powder chemicals and low volume rates there are no problems with filter blockings. It is easy to see on the gauge at the platform if the filter is blocked - so the driver feels safe that everything works 100%. 

TWIN capacity 
AG Zodel bought a TWIN, in order to get high spraying capacity also under windy conditions. In the autumn 150 l/ha were sprayed mainly with INJET nozzles, because of the very windy conditions. The TWIN system will definitely show the big advantages in spring time, until now penetration was not an issue. But also on bare ground, it is visible that active air assistants can control the spray liquid.

The farm is located 17 km along the river Neiße, so a lot of transport is necessary. To get enough capacity, water is brought into the field with a nurse tank. With the New COMMANDER 50 km/h transport speed is not a problem. Driving speed in the field is 12 km/h - this makes no difficulties for the boom suspension as well as for the SafeTrack steering on the headland. 

“The handling of the sprayer is easy, especially filling and mixing of plant protection products takes place quickly and safely” Mr. Scherrer

An intelligent COMMANDER on its way 
The New COMMANDER concept convinces the AG Zodel. On Agritechnica another COMMANDER i was ordered, to benefit from all the intelligent features. Especially the PrimeFlow system gives a high flexibility in the set up of the sprayer, since the farm has big buffer zone areas and the target is to try to reduce this area as much as possible. 

As so many different crops are grown, it is necessary to clean the sprayer often - AutoWash should help to do this.

Part of the area is sloppy and the driver has to control steering, boom slant and in windy conditions also the TWIN adjustment. Here the electronics will help and support the driver. “We believe that AutoSlant, HeadlandAssist and TWIN adjustment with the new HC 6500 will make operation in tough terrain much easier” says Mr. Elsner. 

Service is important 
If a machine is not working, it cannot reach high field capacities. The work with HARDI has been perfect until now. The sprayer was delivered at the farm when promised, and the HARDI technical service made an excellent set up of the sprayer. All in all the New COMMANDER had a good start with herbicide spraying in winter rape. If we have questions, we can directly get contact with a HARDI service specialist. “Our staff at the farm is on duty from March until October, so our machines must be working 100%, too”, Mr. Elsner concluded.