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HARDI technologies in UkrLandFarming


Modern technologies of agricultural crop spraying require high-class pilotage in all components. 
Professional level of specialists, problems of logistics, precise definition of pesticides application and usage of the most productive, reliable and efficient equipment allows farmers to be true "aces" in this important technological solution. And following all of these components will result in the best "air pirouette" spraying.

Today, these spraying "aces" are specialists of one of the leaders of the domestic agricultural market Company" Rise", which is a member of a group of companies UkrLandFarming. Recently, in Poltava, at the Eastern regional office, "Rise-Maksymko» has held a major national Field Day, which was attended by hundreds of managers and professionals of agribusiness from not only  our country, but also from foreign countries.

On that day the conditions for implementation of "high-class pilotage" of agricultural technologies were nearly optimal - with good summer weather,  a large number of agricultural machinery assembled in one place which constantly work on thousands of acres of Ukrainian agrarian production, and the presence of dozens of its experienced professionals.

The entire agricultural machinery of Rise had lined up to demonstrate and attendees thoroughly examined everything and asked questions to experts. It was evident that the equipment shown had actually been working in the fields - on each unit was seen working wear, soil remains on wheels and so on.

Specialists shared with us their experience of advanced technologies for crop growing. And our first specialist was Sergei Sizonenko - General Director of PJSC "Company" Rise ". 

“This year at our national Field day you can see all the machines of agriculture: cultivation of the most productive crops, running of the best equipment, application of anhydrous ammonia technology.

We share our experience in implementing the latest technologies in the group of companies UkrLandFarming – the biggest agricultural holding in Ukraine.

Our strategical approaches to selecting modern agricultural machinery are connected with the following: we have 20-years’ experience with various machines and equipment, and therefore have gained some vision in the best ways of farming. Continuous learning and improvement of agricultural technologies allows us to define new, more effective technological solutions for obtaining planned results.

“Good machinery is machinery that works predictably. If it is configured, it will work the whole season” Vladimir Kharchenko

Over these years our range of sprayers has been modern HARDI models. Specificity of these products is related to technical characteristics, possibility of application onto certain agricultural crops is measured by us. This is not because of loyalty to HARDI, but from  the results of thorough market analysis, study of modern technologies, and the impact of these products on the effectiveness of cultivation. Requirements for our sprayers include high performance, efficiency, reliability, easiness of set-up, access to the manufacturer, service, spare parts availability, quality of pesticides, and maximum result. "

In "Rise-Maksymko" machinery are running twenty-four hours seasonally - they never stops. Therefore, specialists carefully set maximum requirements to the sprayers’ main parameters and are responsible to execute an inspection of technology requirements. Considering the high yields and lack of serious problems they get the required result.

Deputy Director of "Rise-Maksymko’s" mechanization department Vladimir Kharchenko said that he has been working with HARDI spraying equipment since 2007. Main characteristic of these models is high reliability. This is demonstrated by the amount and quality of pesticides working solution application and CAS (1:32).  A large number of aggressive fertilizers affect separate components, so you have to replace them once a season. Except for the pump – there are almost no other breakdowns on the equipment.

We have different models on the farm with boom widths of 18, 24, 28, 32 and 36 meters. Initially, the models were taken for sugar beet, and then we began to use it for all other crops. They are now working with the 300-horsepower tractors with no problems. This equipment is fully automated, running through ISOBUS standards.

In one day, a sprayer can apply up to 630 hectares, and the average productivity is 500-550 hectares if logistics are well organized. Logistics is a restrictive factor to which the company pays much attention and delivery of water, pesticides, and filling into the sprayer is held fast. The economic advantage of this equipment is based on a combination of all these factors, which ultimately leads to major sprayer productivity, lower costs per 1 hectare. Instead of 2-3 other units these are used.

"Good machinery is machinery that works predictably. If it is configured, it will work the whole season "- concludes Vladimir Kharchenko.

Deputy Director of "Rise-Maksymko’s" mechanization Sergei Sultan also provides his own arguments. In particular, he says that all approaches to the use of trailed equipment are because of their versatility - everything fits the tractor.

These sprayers also apply to it. There are straddle self-propelled sprayers in the farm at each branch, but the main scope of work is performed with trailed models. The optimal width  of this equipment for this agricultural company is 36 meters. Here we are cautious about the new aluminum booms, so we prefer proven steel ones.

Logistics are organized as follows - 99% of working solution is prepared in special equipment before filling the sprayer. Working solution is efficiently and uniformly mixed in the solvent units of NPC-28 tank types, foreign barrels. It is an imperative condition that is strictly implemented, and only then the mixture enters the sprayer.

Thus high-class pilotage in agricultural production is possible. We just have to be very responsible towards the execution of each element, correctly choose all of its components, and then a flight to success will be successful.