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High efficiency with the ALPHA TWIN

ALPHA 4100 l – TWIN 24 m

In 1998 Mr. Voicu started farming 30 ha. Through vision and clever farming the farm has constantly grown and does now represent 3,700 ha.

"I started with only 30 ha and have continuously invested in land and machinery. Now I rent 2500 ha and own 1200 ha which are split into 2 different locations. Farm size at this level requires efficient and reliable machinery to be profitable. Planning ahead is a key issue in farming. I hope my son will be well educated in farming and ready to take over our fast growing farm in the future."

From 14 to 4 men
The spray window has increased significantly , because the TWIN system allows us to spray under more difficult weather conditions. 14 men worked with spraying in the past. Now, due to the efficiency of the TWIN air system, high clearance and capacity of the ALPHA, it is possible for 4 men to complete all spraying. Cost savings on labour are estimated to 12,000 - 15,000 euro per year. 

“Our capacity has increased dramatically. Now, we can reduce l/ha up to 50% and thereby spray more ha on one tank.” Mr. Voicu

More value for money
Working hours, driving hours, maintenance, chemical costs and fuel costs are all factors that influence the total result. It takes approx. 15 min. to fill the tank with an external pump, and 50 - 75 min. to spray a full tank. I save 8,000 euro in fuel cost per year using the self-propelled ALPHA versus 3 tractors with trailed sprayers.

From 3 to 1 sprayer
Efficiency, capacity and high quality were key factors in my motivations to purchase the ALPHA. Prior to this investment I was operating 3 trailed sprayers. Today I cover all my fields with the self-propelled ALPHA. Additionally, I perform contract spraying to other farmers in the area.

TWIN air system
Our capacity has increased dramatically. Now, we can reduce l/ha up to 50% and thereby spray more ha on one tank. Driving speed when spraying is 15 km/h with full control of drift. I expect to reduce chemical cost up to 20% while maintaining excellent crop protection. We plan to start in 2011 to spray with liquid fertilizer twice per season. Yet another benefit of ALPHA TWIN.