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With ALPHA TWIN I can improve my standards

ALPHA 4100 l – TWIN 32 m

Within 15 km Mr. Herteg has all his farm land placed and in the spray season they start at 7 o’clock in the morning and spray until 7 o’clock in the evening.

"I started farming in 1994 and became a full time professional farmer in 2004. I purchased my first new tractor from NHR Agropartners and have continuously invested in new machinery. 7 employees in total are working on the farm and 3 of these are sprayer operators. In the spray season they work in shift and spray at least 12 hours a day. 

Top quality in focus
I am always focusing on making farming more effi cient and profi table. This year (2010) I invested in a self-propelled ALPHA TWIN to replace helicopter spraying. The ALPHA provides excellent drift control, precise and high quality spraying under all weather conditions.

Top farming requires focus on high standard in all elements of arable farming like seeding, fertilizing, irrigation and reliable crop protection. To experiment and develop I also co-operate with F.N.P.A.P. and use different sorts of seeds. In 2009, 500 farmers came to visit and inspect the final and positive result of my harvest.

“The ALPHA provides excellent drift control, precise and high quality spraying under all weather conditions.” Mr. Herteg

Always backup
My local dealer NHR Agropartners has ensured good service, advices and spare parts on all my machines for years. The ALPHA TWIN was recommended by NHR to provide top quality plant protection, reduce drift andincrease capacity. The combination of all these actors convinced me to buy the ALPHA TWIN.

TWIN air system
With TWIN air system I expect to reduce the chemical use by 20% per ha. Additionally, we can reduce drift and thereby obtain better penetration and coverage of the plant, and ultimately get higher quality and yields. Further the TWIN air system allows us to use lower water volumes, thereby increasing the capacity up to 100%."