AutoTerrain boom management system
- Market’s best boom stability

The HARDI AutoTerrain boom management system was developed parallel to the
design of the new boom centers of DELTA FORCE and TWIN FORCE 3.1 booms

The AutoTerrain has been tested under the toughest and most challenging field conditions and has shown excellent performance at high driving speeds and low boom heights.

The AutoTerrain is a fully automatic boom control. Based on intelligent ultra-sonic sensors on the boom wings and angle sensors on the center, the system is constantly monitoring the boom position and makes the needed correction direct and fast. AutoTerrain distinguishes from other systems by measuring on forces added to theboom and making a pro-active correction before the boom is affected by the force in practice meaning that the system prevents unintended movement instead of correcting these.

With AutoTerrain the DELTA FORCE and TWIN FORCE 3.1 booms work with negative tilt, so that each boom side can angle below the horizontal by -4°. So the boom can spray on a field below own level, if for instance running on a ridge. It is important to get the best performance under challenging conditions.

AutoTerrain works with 3 proportional, hydraulic valves for a precise and soft regulation; changes are smoothly and without hard movements. But it is still an optional extra, so the booms will also perform in manual mode if needed.

AutoTerrain boom + text.png

Increase spraying capacity – driving fast with lower boom height

The combination of negative tilt, hydraulic AntiYaw function and hydraulic ParaLift suspension are the foundation for a significantly higher working speed, also at low boom heights to ensure optimal application. Also at spraying speeds more than 15 km/h, AutoTerrain constantly keeps the boom in place at the correct pre-set height above the target. Auto Terrain will also help the operator when turning on headlands, where the boom usually will lower the inner boom side due to the pendulum effect. With active AutoTerrain the boom stays at level, and the turning can be done at higher speed.