Sprayer Components



Sprayer components

Hollow-Cone nozzles

The HARDI Hollow-Cone nozzle is perfect for application of plant protection products in orchards and vineyards. This high-efficiency nozzle is extensively used across the world since its durable, high-quality ceramic material is suitable for orchard/mistblower applications at high working pressure or when applying abrasive materials.

  • Droplet spectrum of very fine to fine
  • Flow rate: 0.21 to 4.24 l/min (at 3-15 bars)
  • CERAMIC – superior durability at high working pressure

This nozzle can also be used for band- and underleaf-spraying in row crops, with or without droplegs, where turbulence is required for good coverage.


Solid-Stream nozzles

The HARDI Solid-Stream nozzle produces a concentrated spray stream. It is mainly used for calibration of flows, often in connection with other nozzle components.

  • Calibration nozzle
  • Flow rate: 0.54 to 29 l/min (at 2-50 bars)
  • Adjustable flow rate fitted with or against the flow
  • CERAMIC - superior durability at high working pressure

Cone nozzles

The HARDI Cone nozzle is used with one of 4 available swirl plates for hollow-cone or full-cone spraying. It can be used for pesticide application using mistblowers as well as boom sprayers and backpack sprayers. The choice of swirl plate determines the droplet size - from very fine droplets (hollow cone) to medium droplets (full cone).

  • 4 swirl plate sizes available
  • Flow rate (hollow cone): 0.2 to 11 l/min (at 2-25 bars)
  • Precision-moulded SYNTAL thermoplastic
  • Large-drop adaptor available for very coarse droplet spectrum

If fitted without a swirl plate, the Cone nozzle will produce a solid stream suitable for application of liquid fertiliser by a boom sprayer.