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RANGER delivers exceptional crop clearance

RANGER 2500 l - 18 m boom

Health experts around the globe consider Cauliflower and Broccoli to be two of the best vegetables for the dining table because of their low fat, high dietary fibre and vitamin C quality. Cauliflower in particular is a favourite with low carbohydrate dieters as a substitute for potatoes for the reason that when mashed offer a similar texture.

Cauliflower and Broccoli are from the brassica family and are typically grown from transplanted seedlings. To cultivate a healthy crop, young seedlings need to be care for and no body knows better than Gary Storey from C & N Storey Farms in Werribee Victoria.

You have to be on the ball to produce a quality produce and it’s the attention to detail that really counts’ says Gary. ‘You need the right varieties, soil preparation, fertiliser and watering regime but it’s the pest and disease control that really makes the difference between a crop and no crop’.

When Gary went looking for a new sprayer he wanted capacity. ‘We are growing around 140 acres of Broccoli & Cauliflower on raised beds and our old linkage sprayer had reached the end of its life.

“We bought one and are very happy with our decision” Gary Storey

‘We needed a new sprayer that could meet our current spraying requirements and those of the future. When Local Werribee South HARDI dealer Barry Willing from Spraycare showed us the new HARDI RANGER I knew this was the sprayer for us,’ he said. ‘We bought one and are very happy with our decision”’.

‘Our RANGER has 2500L capacity and 18m boom I’m now spraying more efficiently then ever before. We can’t afford to have one our most important pieces of equipment stopped, therefore reliability is essential and it good to have Barry from Spraycare local there to provide us good backup and service,’ explained Gary.

Gary chose the HARDI Turbo Filler option for mixing the powders & granules used in his spraying cycle and he has been very impressed with it. He is able to fill, mix and transfer from the ground without having to climb up onto the sprayer.

The RANGER is fitted with 48” row crop tyres and Gary comments ‘I wish my tractors had the same crop clearance the sprayer!’

Gary also took the HC2500 rate controller option to take care of his application rate control. ‘No longer am I guessing and adjusting gears or pressures, I just type my spray rate and away we go!’