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It just had to be a HARDI sprayer

RANGER 2500 l - 20 m EAGLE

Mr. Hodosan purchased the first HARDI sprayer imported by NHR Agropartners in Romania. Simple, strong and easy to work and spray with for all his men.

"The usability, reliability and quality of the sprayer were key issues when I purchased the RANGER. The HARDI brand is well-known in this area, and several neighbours had already imported a second hand HARDI sprayer from other European countries. I visited a farm in Germany to see a HARDI sprayer in operation and followed up on the internet. The high standard I saw, and the good reputation of the HARDI brand made the decision clear – it just had to be a HARDI sprayer.

From 0 ha to 1,800 ha
In total I farm 1.800 ha, and personally own 150 ha. I started farming in 2000 and since then we have worked hard on improving the facilities and expanded the number of ha continuously. Today in 2010, 14 employees are working here. The development of this area has my full attention, and we monitor, organise, purchase and rent farm land all over in this region.

“The usability, reliability and quality of the sprayer were key issues when I purchased the RANGER” Mr. Hodosan

The sprayer is an important machine
The RANGER with a 20m EAGLE boom is the most efficient sprayer on my farm. I also have a small liftmounted and a home made sprayer, currently used as back-up. The RANGER is easy to drive, fill and maintain. Our spray capacity has increased, and the RANGER is very reliable in operation. I hope to purchase a HARDI NAVIGATOR next season to get even more capacity.The importance of spraying at the right time and with the right dose, getting good coverage with an efficient sprayer is becoming more and more clear to me. 

I dream of an ALPHA self-propelled
To be even more efficient in the long run, my dream is to add a self-propelled HARDI ALPHA to our line of machines. The farming industry develops very fast, and I strive to run and manage my farm effi ciently and profitably with a constant eye for the future possibilities."