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Stisegaard - a successful family farm

NAVIGATOR 3000 l – DELTA 24 m

Big decisions, big help
HARDI offers many choices – and a lot of guidance too. Both my dealer and HARDI staff effectively helped me configure the right machine for my needs: IntelliTrack, suspension, hydraulic brakes, HC 5500 controller, TurboFiller and eventually also night light, which turned out to be a huge advantage for night time spraying.

Comfortable long hours
Long hours are just a fact of my life. So comfort is important – along with speed. Two things that usually may not combine well, but with the SmoothRide suspension system driving for hours on bad roads and in fields is not a problem. The suspension protects the sprayer and the ability to drive faster means more work done in less time. 

“The suspension protects the sprayer and the ability to drive faster means more work done in less time” Henrik Rasmussen

Downtime is not an option
Another reason for choosing HARDI is that I trust their quality and high level of service. That is a requirement, especially in the spraying season when the cost of downtime is very high. With a competent HARDI dealer close by me original spare parts are always at hand and any problem – big or small – is fixed in a heartbeat.

Maintenance is easy
"HARDI is an attractive machine. One reason is all the good features. Another is the maintenance. The simplicity of the design means that I can do much of the minor maintenance myself. Usually very quickly and that is obviously important when things are busy. Should my needs change I therefore rest assured that my NAVIGATOR will be very easy to resell or trade-in" Henrik Rasmussen concludes.