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Every year we purchase 8 machines for our farm

NAVIGATOR 3000 l – EAGLE Boom 24 m

Private enterprise "Agro-Express-Service" was founded in 1999 and is one of the largest agricultural producers of Rivne, a region in western Ukraine. The founder of the company, as well as its general director, is Kostyuchko Sergey Stepanovich, who is no stranger to the agrarian business.

The company leases land in three districts of the Rivne region - Mlynovskiy, Radyvylovskiy, Demidovskiy, as well as in the Kremenets district of Ternopil region and Gorokhovskiy district, Volyn region. And in each region, it demonstrates the high levels of productivity, because of applying the latest methods of cultivation and modern plant protection products. Also there is compliance with all technologies of cultivation.

The company employs more than 600 people. The activities are the following: grain – beet growing with livestock breeding.  At present, total number of livestock composes 1800 heads, including milking herd - 900 heads. There is an imported high-tech breeding and productive milking herd Holstein in the amount of 460 heads. Also they use harness content and integrated system of cattle feeding.

The farm has 32 000 ha of land, 10 000 ha of which accounted for sugar beet, 8 000 ha of winter wheat, 2 000 ha of winter barley, 5 500 ha of rape and 5 400 ha of soybeans, most of these crops, - says chief agronomist of PE "Agro-Express-Service" Shynkaruk Vladimir Radanovich. - Plus we have forage crops because of developing livestock. It’s third year in the development of animal husbandry.

The yield of sugar beet is 72 tons, 8 tons of wheat, 6, 5 tons of barley, 2, 8 tons of soybeans and now we are introducing a new culture - lupine, on which I will not say anything, because it’s the first year of its cultivation, - shares with their indicators the agrarian.

There is enough of agricultural machinery in the farm. The company is staffed with a park of high-performance agricultural machinery of domestic and foreign production, among which a worthy place occupied HARDI sprayers. Management understands that all investments into mechanisms will be paid off, because a modern tractor, in particular a sprayer, not only faster and better processes the crops, but has a better productivity.

“When it starts operation in the field, it starts to work from the first second and evenly distributes fertilizers” Kostyuchko Sergey Stepanovich

This machine, - says Vladimir Adamovich about NAVIGATOR 3000, which stands behind him, - is HARDI sprayer, which we have been already using and gradually purchase for the farm. We had a lot of machines tested before the buying decision, and NAVIGATOR sprayer had showed the best results. Every year we purchase 8 machines for our farm. If we take the usage of this unit, it is very high - technological equipment, which evenly distributes plant protection products over area and crops and provides us as of today with high - technological level in plant protection. When refueling, this sprayer is saving our time, we do not need to look for any hosepipes or something extra. It fills itself from the tank independently. There is a mixer that blends all fertilizers, and we have a finished mixture in the outcome.

When it starts operation in the field, - continues our interlocutor, - it starts to work from the first second and evenly distributes fertilizers. All nozzles begin to work smoothly. As a result, there is no stretching, no gaps; it begins to work immediately. Secondly, its productivity compared to other sprayers, which are available in the farm - it is always process 10 - 15 ha more per working shift, and in a season - about 9 - 10 thousand ha. Because each culture requires several times treatment and the sprayer goes through several times culture treatment with plant protection.

It’s important, when buying machinery to determine a manufacturer and a supplier in order to have a machine equipped with modern technology respectively, and the service to be at the best level.

Our supplier is LLC "Spektr - Agro". Their service is on a very high-level, - stresses agronomist, noting: - There have been cases of  hosepipes burst, well, it's such a  small damage, but just within 3 hours they’ve sold the problem. Service is on a high level and we do not have any claims to a Customer Service, nor to HARDI, either to the vendor. Everything is good. The orders that we place, the requirements that we put forward to the sprayer - all are well performed in the process of crevice they provide us.