HARDI MEGA - Functional design and improve performance

Functional design and improved performance is setting new standards for lift mounted sprayers from HARDI.
The MEGA features a sleek modern design, SmartCom, DynamicFluid4 and AirRide lift suspension

HARDI MEGA sprayer 27-08-2020-min.jpg

The market’s largest range of lift mounted sprayers
By providing fast, accurate manoeuvrability and easier driving on hillsides, the lift mounted MEGA will help you to cover larger areas while reducing filling time. This is supported by the large range of tank sizes: 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2200 l (august 2019.

Stable boom movements
A great range of booms are offered for the MEGA, including the vertical folded PRO from 15 m to 18 m, and the VPZ boom from 20 m to 28 m.

To give you the highest boom performance, the MEGA boom centre is equipped with the AntiYaw system that minimizes back and forward boom movements.

Faster spraying and higher comfort
We have added the AirRide air suspension system, which helps to stabilize the boom movements and reduce shock loads on the machine, so you can spray faster and carry more liquid.

Higher precision
To give you higher precision and help reduce chemical usage, we have equipped all MEGA sprayers with the SmartCom platform. This enables options like DilutionKit, AutoSectionControl and AutoSlant. Together with the fast reacting DynamicFluid4 liquid system, you’ll be able to spray with higer precision – and be prepared for adding new features in the future.

Get connected
To further minimize chemical consumption and save you money, the SmartCom electronic platform opens new possibilities into digital farming. For example, you will be able to adjust the dosage for one spray job or use digital field maps to assign nonspray areas.

Reduce downtime
To reduce downtime to a minimum, we have added diagnostics to the new SmartCom platform. This will help your service staff quickly find and fix any problem – to have you back spraying in no time.

  • AutoSectionConrol
    Avoid overlapping sprayed areas
  • DynamicFluid4 fluid system
    – precise dosage and fast reaction
  • AirRide air suspension
    Higher driving comfort and spraying precision
  • SmartCom electronic platform
    Avoid downtime with quick diagnostics
    – always ISOBUS sprayer
  • HARDI Grip and SetBox
    Full in-cab control of spray job
  • WorkZone for easy overview
    All manifold functions collected at one place
  • 25 l TurboFiller
    Save time with both powder and liquids
  • 364 or 464 HARDI pump
    Minimum service and maintenance
  • Tank
    1200, 1500, 1800 and 2200 (aug. 2019)
  • Boom
    PRO 15-18 m VPZ 20-28 m
  • High and robust XL-lif
  • RinseTank
    170 l RinseTank on the right side
  • High capacity filter
    EasyClean on suction side and
    Cyclone on pressure side
  • Easy to operate
    Protected Manifold system
    Integrated transport wheels