Product news

To match the farmers’ need of a comfortable and high visibility cabin, HARDI has introduced the self-developed evo ll cabin for the self-propelled sprayer range. With 3 pillar design, a vision of 320° and a glass area of 6,58 m², the evo ll cab makes the day to day work less stressful.
Higher driver safety and comfort: Class 4 category

Higher driver safety and comfort: Class 4 category The self-propelled sprayer range, ALPHA evo, will be equipped with a cab conforming to the safety norm EN-15695. The cabin is equipped with a pressurization system, a fresh air dust filtering system, an aerosol and vapour filter to protect the driver and fulfil the class 4 requirements:


The class 4 air filter must be stored into a hermetic bag while the machine is not used; otherwise its lifetime is reduced. To avoid this, HARDI’s engineering team has implemented a lid to close the filter box hermetically when the class 4 filter is not in use. A possibility to switch off the class 4 filtration while driving on the road has also been implemented. To avoid misting caused by humidity in the cab, the ALPHA’s air condition system has been oversized to dry up a higher volume of air per minute.

The evo ll cab gets a new air
condition system for highest comfort

HARDI has upgraded the air condition system of the ALPHA evo ll. The performance has been tested in a climate room where extreme weather conditions were simulated (temperatures, humidity and irradiating)to cover all driving conditions in Denmark,Germany, France or Australia. This new air condition system can reduce the inside cab temperature from 40°C to 28°C within 5 min. with the same irradiating conditions as in Australia.

To be able to do this the air flow capacity has been increased by 38%, which results in a very low noise level due to lower fan rpm.

The new evo ll cab gets new features

A new steering column brings a triple adjustment to reduce driver stress while driving A new display bracket gives the driver full flexibility in positioning the operating screen. An extra bracket can be supplied to allow even more position options. A foot rest has been added to the left-hand side of the steering column; allowing the driver to easily maintain his position in slope and reduce fatigue by less effort and stress.

The new ALPHA air suspension: FloatRide

To allow even more comfort on uneven terrain, HARDI has added pneumatic airbag suspension to the ALPHA evo.


By equipping the ALPHA with the optional FloatRide, the standard coil spring suspension is replaced by airbags. This ensures even more boom stability and maintains balance of the ALPHA in strong slopes. The height of the chassis will be maintained whatever the tank volume. By allowing individual wheel movement, the ALPHA provides maximum comfort, even at high spraying speeds through a wheel travel of 185 mm. To ensure the required amount of air is maintained, an extra air tank of 8 litres has been implemented to the suspension system.

Other product news

DELTA FORCE carbon-fibre break-away
The low weight and the stiffness of carbon-fibre allow a 4 m long break-away compared to the 2.5 m version of the 36 m boom allowing you to drive with boom widths of up to 39 m.

The reliable heavy-duty DELTA FORCE boom is now also available with 24 m. The boom can be delivered on NAVIGATOR 4000 /5000 / 6000 and COMMANDER 4500 / 5500. The center section is the same as on 27 to 39 m, there are all features as boom management system and hydraulic AntiYaw available.

All DELTA FORCE booms can now be equipped with AutoTerrain boom management. The negative tilt of 4° for each boom wing and the center section is reacting direct and fast. AutoTerrain works and reacts on both boom movements and twisting forces on the boom. This allows the system to be proactive and react on the cause more than on the symptom.


TWIN FORCE 32-36 m AutoTerrain
The 3rd generation of TWIN FORCE booms with 32 to 36 m has negative tilt of the boom wings when used in combination with AutoTerrain boom management. The negative tilt is approximate 4° for each boom wing and the center section is reacting direct and fast. The TWIN FORCE hydraulic allows a fast tilt reaction which is needed to get a good performance in challenging conditions. Tests have shown that the AutoTerrain solution offers best possible boom performance and allow higher driving speeds.

NAVIGATOR 3000 / 4000 VPZ boom
The NAVIGATOR is now available with the vertically folded VPZ boom with 20 to 28 m. The sprayer has a narrow transport width. And the boom can be used reduced folded to spray around obstacles.

The results of the test are published in an ENTAM report which can be downloaded at the JKI web page.